True decentralization. What is it?

Why do most people try to create their own unique project, which will be better than the others? Why does everyone want to create their own money (tokens) that will appreciate faster than others or lay down mandatory transaction fees to make more money? Everyone wants to be more popular, richer and more powerful than others!

This is an attempt at centralization, inside decentralization! Which will never catch on in the new world.

I mean, the idea of building a decentralized application in the current financial model, which is centralized, is not the way to create a free society.

How are we different from the slaves who carried stones in ancient Egypt? In my opinion, we are not! After all, we are obliged to work, only under different pretexts. But now we have the technical ability to build a new decentralized state, government, society, organization.

In my understanding, decentralization is about equality! I do not see absolute equality in the current blockchain projects, all trying to lay down a piece of their selfishness in the form of a percentage, the power of the vote or other tools of management and ownership.



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The project is based on generally accepted human concepts, such as: well-being, reliability, prudence, beneficence, unity, equality, love of freedom and other s